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About Michaela Cannon

Made in the USA
Michaela started her love of photography as a California Realtor back in 2010.  She began shooting all of her own listings and shot for many of her colleagues.  It grew from there.  She has honed her skills over the years and has developed a unique style.   Whether you are looking for that "natural" look for your real estate listings, or a dramatic look with an artistic flair, she's got what you are looking for! 

As a recent transplant to the Poteau area of Southeastern Oklahoma, she is eager to become the area's go-to photographer for both sellers and  Realtors.

Michaela uses Canon DLSR and Sony Mirrorless camera equipment mounted with wide angle lenses. Flashpoint lighting equipment is utilized to effectuate the "Flambient" blending technique, including the Flashpoint Explore 600 (600 watt) flash for large rooms with high ceilings, and the Flashpoint eVOLV 200 (200 watt) flash for smaller rooms.  She tirelessly hand-edits all images using the Flambient technique for dazzling depth, detail and window enhancement.  Images are applied to blank tv screens and fire to fireplaces where appropriate, as well as dramatic sky replacements applied whenever the sky doesn't cooperate during the shoot!  Twilight shots are also available at an additional fee.  

I am eager to work with you and help you show off your listing to is highest and best potential! 

Call for a booking today!

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